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A wedding album is still the most important choice for your wedding photography collection.

When asked why I still believe in wedding albums in the days of disks, USBs, Facebook and photo sharing sites .. I reply that only one will last your lifetime and beyond.

You should never be able to forget your wedding day and all of the precious memories that come from the the once-in-a-lifetime gathering together of friends and family; it becomes part of your legacy.

Queensberry “Bragging Rights” photographer

I am extremely proud to announce that I was recently selected by Queensberry as one a of a few photographers worldwide whose work would be used in their worldwide marketing – on their website and in print.

Why Queensberry?

The digital photographs are one part of my service; putting them together to create your story is another very important part. That’s why I use Queensberry in New Zealand.

They are regularly acknowledged as being the best album manufacturer in the world and, in a recent discussion among wedding photographers, they were unanimously preferred.

When it comes to putting photos from your wedding into a beautifully bound album, I go to the other side of the world for good reason: so I can bring you the best.

Here’s why: their exceptional print quality, along with precise handmade albums and dedication to customer service makes them a perfect professional partner for me, and a perfect supplier for you as owner of a unique beautifully-crafted album.

Produced with beautiful photographs and expert design, your Queensberry will be as unique as you are.

Discover Queensberry Albums in just a few minutes

Queensberry Album Styles

Queensberry has been producing bespoke album for 40 years and offer a wide selection of covers, such as silk, leather and photo-cover. They feature thick pages and strong spines; a wedding album should be built to last.

They offer three main types of album:

Modern Pagemount where the photos are printed directly onto the page.
Classic Overlay where the photos are behind bespoke cut mats.
Contemporary Duo which is a mix of photos on the page plus mounted photos.

Parents albums are also available, which are a smaller but identical copy of the main album in storybook style.

Sample albums

You can see some album photos at the top of this page or full albums below. If you would like to see some albums in the flesh (and you really should), please contact me.

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