So you’re getting married abroad, but you’re not sure about the quality of the local photographers. What’s the chance of taking your own photographer abroad with you?

Check with your venue

Some venues won’t allow you to use anyone other than their in-house photography team, although it’s questionable whether they would turn down the option if really pushed… but be sure ahead of time.

Choose a known destination photographer

There’s a surprising amount to organise when you’re photographing a destination wedding. Simple things like transport, maps, location, language and how used they are to traveling can make a massive difference to how relaxed they are when they arrive, or whether they manage to arrive at all!

Skype is your friend!

Your photographer might not live in the same country as you but that shouldn’t stop you from saying Hi and making sure they are someone you feel comfortable with. Most photographers will be happy to organise a convenient time which to discuss their service.


Ask for an engagement / party shoot

If your photographer is already at the location and your friends and family are there, they may well be happy to photograph events and an engagement shoot for the two of you. This will give you some extra memories of this once in a lifetime occasion.

Ensure your photographer arrives at least one day in advance

If your photographer is just down the road it’s not a problem, but flights are occasionally delayed or cancelled, so ensure your photographer is due to arrive at your destination at least a day before the ceremony.

Planning your destination wedding?

If you’re looking for a photographer for your destination wedding, please get in touch to discuss your wedding.


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So this year, instead of just showing some of my favourites from the year, I thought I’d show some photos from weddings where there was something different… Here we go!

The one with all the tears (but plenty of smiles too!)

It’s a privaledge to be able to capture some of the most emotional moments in someones life, and this wedding was no exception.

AmyJordan AmyJordan-2 AmyJordan-3 AmyJordan-4 AmyJordan-5 AmyJordan-6 AmyJordan-7 AmyJordan-8 AmyJordan-9

The one with all of the details

In May I was in London for my first wedding at Claridges hotel. It was an incredibly luxurious occasion and we went to town on photographing the details!

DonnaPaul DonnaPaul-2 DonnaPaul-3 DonnaPaul-4 DonnaPaul-5 DonnaPaul-6

The one with all the masks

I’ve often thought that a masque ball would make a fantastic … and it did this summer at Allerton Castle!. G4 were in attendance too, singing opera for the couple in their first public performance since X Factor.

CathySimon CathySimon-2 CathySimon-3 CathySimon-5 CathySimon-6 CathySimon-7

The one with all the selfies

When I saw selfie sticks that I was going to see them appear at a wedding .. and they did! As long as they don’t do me out of a job, I’m happy!

JenChris JenChris-2 JenChris-3 JenChris-4 JenChris-5


The one with all the Converse

One of the things I love about weddings these days is you can do it your way, and sometimes that includes your choice of footwear … in this case Converse trainers!

LauraPaul LauraPaul-2 LauraPaul-3 LauraPaul-4 LauraPaul-5 LauraPaul-6


The one with all the table decorations

When it comes to weddings, I often think I’ve seen it all, but then someone come up with something new … in this case, actual grass and flowers in the centre of the table! It looked magnificent and was a real talking piece.

LiamRachel LiamRachel-2 LiamRachel-3 LiamRachel-4 LiamRachel-5

The one with all of the couple shots

Every once in a while a couple wants to spend more time on photos of themselves … and why not! This was one of those occasions and it was great to be able to spend more time together.

KatieStephen KatieStephen-3 KatieStephen-4 KatieStephen-5 KatieStephen-6

The one with all the London Hotpots

I love to do engagement shoots as it gives me a chance to meet and get to know a couple. I particularly love it when the engagement shoot is in Central London because it gives me chance to make use of some beautiful architecture.

LouiseAlex-2 LouiseAlex-3 LouiseAlex-4 LouiseAlex-5 LouiseAlex-6

The ones … I can’t show you yet! (shh)

These weddings finished the year and are not yet completed. However, I wanted to include just a couple of photos to be going on with.

Here’s to a fantastic New Year for everyone! And a particularly huge thank you to all of the couples I worked with in 2014 and will work with in 2015!

KerenDavid KerenDavid-2 KerenDavid-3 LeighBen LeighBen-2





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  1. Nichola Morton

    Absolutely beautiful images Phil.

  2. Nichola Morton

    Testing testing

  3. Reply

    Great stuff Phil. love that last sparkler shot!

  4. mark

    great stuff phil. lovely work

  5. Rachael ~Marry Me Ink~

    What a fab year! Can’t wait to see the others!

  6. Rachael ~Marry Me Ink~

    What a fab year! Can’t wait to see the others!

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It would appear I must like Morocco because I was back there again for a holiday to take a further look around. You can see my previous post here, but I visited other areas of Morocco this time … and what a fantastic place!

My goal is always to capture something of the spirit of a location, rather than take the typical tourist shots, so bear that in mind when looking through.

Enjoy the photos!

0001_DSC01936 0002_DSC01939 0003_DSC01949
0006_DSC01962 0007_DSC01963 0008_DSC01966 0009_DSC01974 0010_DSC01978 0011_DSC01980
0014_DSC01992 0015_DSC01993 0016_DSC02000 0017_DSC02002 0018_DSC02006 0019_DSC02007 0020_DSC02009 0021_DSC02015 0022_DSC02016 0023_DSC02017 0024_DSC02024 0025_DSC02027 0026_DSC02046 0027_DSC02048 0028_DSC02057 0029_DSC02066 0030_DSC02067 0031_DSC02069 0032_DSC02070 0033_DSC02072 0034_DSC02077 0035_DSC02082 0036_DSC02091 0037_DSC02096 0038_DSC02098 0039_DSC02101 0040_DSC02108 0041_DSC02111 0042_DSC02117 0043_DSC021220044_DSC02123
0048_DSC02157 0049_DSC02161 0050_DSC02164 0051_DSC02180 0052_DSC02182 0053_DSC02201 0054_DSC02212 0055_DSC02223 0056_DSC02247 0057_DSC02251 0058_DSC02255

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