It’s likely next year that Canon will update the 5d III which has been an exceptional wedding camera and produce the new 5d4. Since it’s closing in on Christmas I thought I’d ask Santa Canon to take into account my wishlist for the camera. Obviously these are based on my needs as a wedding photographer…

Here we go! They’re in rough order of importance to me.

Ideal improvements

  • Larger buffer. Around 13 frames isn’t quite enough for bursts coming down the aisle or confetti.
  • Improved viewfinder which allows you to see the focus points when in the dark and in the bright light.
  • Ability to adjust the exposure compensation when using auto ISO in manual mode.
  • Improvement to low light focus accuracy. Sometimes it’s just not perfect, especially under tungsten light.
  • 1 stop better high ISO performance (1/2 stop better than the 6d) in RAW, bring it to around the same performance as the 1dx.
  • Higher dynamic range at low ISO and generally cleaner shadows throughout the ISO range. I don’t often need this, but any improvement would be of benefit at times. At the very least, remove all shadow pattern noise, as has been done with the 7d2.
  • Latest greatest AF system from the 7d2 and 1dx with the ability to track subjects around the frame.
  • Expanded options for auto ISO in general
    • More shutter speed options
    • Better auto minimum shutter speed options (such as taking into account a very minimum shutter speed, and knowing if a lens has IS etc..)
  • Fast UHS1 SD card for backup.

Nice to have

  • Ability to use the front button to switch from AI Servo to One Shot with a single click, rather than holding it down.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Lighter camera without compromising quality.
  • Semi-automatic lens micro adjustment using dual pixel AF technology.
  • Integrated AF assist for low light focusing without a flash on the camera.
  • Higher resolution screen with auto brightness that actually works in practice.
  • New control from the 7d2 to allow changes to the focus zones.
  • Metering linked to AF point.
  • A larger viewfinder magnification.
  • Increased shutter life.
  • No anti-aliasing filter.

Keep it as it is

  • Resolution. I’m personally very happy with 22mp. Produce a difference camera for high resolution since, with weddings, I don’t want to waste space. If it needs increasing, 26mp maximum.
  • 6fps is plenty for this camera for my needs.
  • Silent shutter. This was one of the best wedding improvements with the 5d3 and I’d never wish to go back to a loud shutter again.

To be honest there isn’t a massive amount that I really want from the 5d4. The 5d3 was nearly the perfect wedding camera and has let me down very very infrequently.

If you’d like, you’re welcome to read what I thought about the previous camera is my 5d3 review.

Thank you Canon!

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It’s half way through the year and I was just thinking how lucky I’ve been to work on some of the weddings that I’ve been to this year.

They’ve given me the opportunity to create some beautiful wedding photographs at the likes of Chatsworth House, Claridges, Rivington Barn, Dewsall Court and Stoke Newington in London.

Here are some highlights so far..

Chinese wedding at Rivington Barn

rivington-barn-wedding-photography-33 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-37 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-40 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-45 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-53 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-74 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-76 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-77 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-80 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-82 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-84 rivington-barn-wedding-photography-85


Vintage wedding in Stoke Newington

vintage-wedding-photography-london-2 vintage-wedding-photography-london-10 vintage-wedding-photography-london-13 vintage-wedding-photography-london-17 vintage-wedding-photography-london-20 vintage-wedding-photography-london-28 vintage-wedding-photography-london-30 vintage-wedding-photography-london-34 vintage-wedding-photography-london-38 vintage-wedding-photography-london-49 vintage-wedding-photography-london-54 vintage-wedding-photography-london-57 vintage-wedding-photography-london-58 vintage-wedding-photography-london-59 vintage-wedding-photography-london-62 vintage-wedding-photography-london-63 vintage-wedding-photography-london-85 vintage-wedding-photography-london-87 vintage-wedding-photography-london-103 vintage-wedding-photography-london-108 vintage-wedding-photography-london-114

Claridges luxury


claridges-wedding-photography-london-3 claridges-wedding-photography-london-4 claridges-wedding-photography-london-6 claridges-wedding-photography-london-12 claridges-wedding-photography-london-13 claridges-wedding-photography-london-18
claridges-wedding-photography-london-31 claridges-wedding-photography-london-33 claridges-wedding-photography-london-37 claridges-wedding-photography-london-41

claridges-wedding-photography-london-59 claridges-wedding-photography-london-67 claridges-wedding-photography-london-75
claridges-wedding-photography-london-85 claridges-wedding-photography-london-89 claridges-wedding-photography-london-101 claridges-wedding-photography-london-107 claridges-wedding-photography-london-110 claridges-wedding-photography-london-125

Chatsworth house


chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0002 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0005 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0007
chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0039 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0040 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0044 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0046 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0049 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0050 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0053 chatsworth-house-wedding-photography-0063



Dewsall Court

0002_PD318645 0004_PD318676 0007_PD318745
0025_PD319185 0028_PD319269
0034_PD319435 (1)
0037_PD319514 0051_PD319806 0054_PD319862 0063_PD310177 0068_PD310246 0075_PD310616 0080_PD310710 0094_PD311172 0107_PD311389 0113_PD311602


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As some of you know, I’ve been using a Fuji X-T1 at weddings for part of the day. I love using it, but I’ve been concerned about the amount of hunting (sometimes very significant amounts of hunting) that the camera does when trying to achieve focus on a subject.

It made me wonder why and I did notice that the smallest focus point wasn’t particularly fast when using the centre 9 PDAF points. However, there was another issue…

Detecting focus with horizontal contrast

After some investigation it seems that the Fuji X-T1 really struggles to focus on horizontal contrast subjects. Watch this video to see this in action. Sorry about the very poor quality…

Originally my thought was that it might just be the centre 9 points which I had heard were single direction Phase Detection points, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Further tests showed all of the AF points that you can select suffer from the same problem. See below for an example with one of the lower left corner focus points.

These tests were with the Fujinon 56mm 1.2. I also tried the 35mm 1.4 and found largely the same issues, although it’s a quicker focusing lens so the issue isn’t as obvious.

I also wondered if it might be the lighting on that particular door frame, but I tried it on 4 others and received the same results.

This has all since been confirmed by another Fuji X-T1 user.

What this means is an unknown amount of the hunting that I’ve been noticing is likely to be with the camera trying to detect focus on (nearly) horizontal elements.

In tests, a subject needs contrast which is about 30-40 degrees from horizontal for the AF to find it easily. That’s got to be quite a lot of situations!

There’s no fix for this that I know of, unless Fuji can tweak the firmware to improve it somehow?

These tests were confirmed on an X-T1 with both V1 and V1.1 of the Firmware. Lenses also had the most up-to-date Firmware.

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  1. Joe Fischer

    Hi Phil, have you tried this in portrait mode? My X-T1 then hunts on verticals. Regards Joe

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