Well that was fun! If not a little calorific..

Let’s back up a little.

I was asked to be the official photographer for the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners North West networking event at new wedding venue Dorfold Hall. At the same time, we would be doing a styled bridal shoot showing the floristry skills of Red Floral. A busy day? You bet…

You can see more about the bridal shoot here.

We started off with some photos of the new wedding venue – Dorfold Hall – which is just stunning! You should definitely check it out. There’s going to be a permanent marquee in the gardens and Candice, who will be running it, is so helpful. Here’s a few photos of it:


So I mentioned calorific … and that brings me to the best bit … check out the amazing sweet and savory treats that we enjoyed during the evening! All three suppliers were superb and brought their best to generously share around.

All were inundated with hungry (and in my case slightly greedy) visitors who eagerly tasted and sampled. The artistic and culinary talents on show were superb. Thank you all!


And it wasn’t just food that we sampled … we only had drinks with dry ice! The guys brought plenty to ensure there were superb theatrics to delight – and in my case, commit to memory card.

I’ve never seen drinks like these before and brides & grooms – trust me – you DO want this at your wedding!


What else was going on? Well, there was a wedding cake. This was pretty amazing. Look at the detailing … that was all piped by hand! How is that even possible! Some people are just really talented I guess.

I’m told that this style of cake making is having a resurgence, so it’s likely I will be photographing it at your wedding pretty soon.


And how did all of this come to be you might ask? Well, hero wedding planners Debbie, Andrea and Helens from Better Together WeddingsFabulous Day and Helen Eriksen, organised the whole event from scratch!

I think they should take up event planning professionally! Haha!

They are all members of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and take an active interest in the North of England.


The rest of the night was chatting, laughing, drinking (non alcoholic) cocktails, eating, eating some more, introducing yourself in more and more imaginative ways and generally spending time with a group of people who really know…

How Great It Is To Work In Weddings!

Thank you to everyone involved! A few more photos of the evening to tell the story of the evening because, after all, that’s my job.


Credit and thanks

Event coordination Andrea from Fabulous Day, Debbie from Better Together Weddings & Helen from Helen Eriksen Weddings









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It’s spooky but I was only thinking a few weeks ago I should really do something for Halloween…

…and lo and behold I get asked to do a bridal photoshoot! This was great news because I’d not done one for a good while and I like to go back to my fashion and beauty roots from time to time.

Flowers .. literally everywhere!

The main aim of the shoot was to show Red Florals autumn bouquets and flowers … which were stunning! I was amazed at how they put it all together and the attention to detail.

Strong, dark makeup and hair up was the order of the day for the styling, which created a mood and usually smiley Kim did a fantastic job of bringing that mood to life.

Mat and the guys spent the morning and most of the afternoon getting ready for an evening wedding networking event which was being held at new wedding venue Dorfold Hall. See more of that here.

But for now… on with the vampy show!

pd4_0544 pd4_0617 pd4_0702 pd4_0749 pd4_0803 pd4_1000 pd4_1014 pd4_1302pd4_1255 pd4_1380

It was such a fantastic and fun shoot! I love the styling and the results that we managed to achieve together. No doubt we’ll do another one soon.

Watch out for it!

The magic of video..

And here’s a little video showing us all at work .. including me!

Dorfold Hall Creative Shoot – Behind the Scenes Film from Marry Me Films on Vimeo.



Photography: Phil Drinkwater (me, obviously!)
Venue Dorfold Hall
Florist Red Floral
Florence Dress from Sassi Holford, provided and modeled by Kim from Kimberley Anne Bridal Boutique
Cake by Suzanne from The Frostery
Accessories by Eleventh Heaven
Video by Marry Me Films
Hair and make up Flossy and Leigh
Shoot coordination Andrea from Fabulous Day  and Debbie from Better Together Weddings

Thank you all for your hard work!

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Well, 2015 was absolutely fantastic! I worked with some amazing couples, made some great friends and took some of my favourite photos!

Weddings everywhere!

This year saw me in London and the surrounding area quite a few times. It often surprises couples that wedding photographers work so far away from their home, but it’s quite common when you find a photographer who is just right for you to bring them to work in your area.

I mix fine art documentary, artistic details, classic portraiture, high quality lighting and an innate ability to flatter subjects.

From a photographers perspective, this is fantastic as you get the opportunity to see some new places. It’s a lot less important these days for photographers to be intimately aware of the venue, so choose your perfect photographer and bring them to you would be my advice!

(and by that, I mean choose me, right?)

What’s my style?

My work is a modern combination of styles. I mix fine art documentary, artistic details, classic portraiture, high quality lighting and an innate ability to flatter subjects. I teach other photographers in the fundamentals of photography since I believe these skills are essential for any photographer working in weddings.

So, on to the photographs. I’ve split these into Morning, Afternoon and Evening, just to give them a little structure. Otherwise, they’re just a mix of some of my favourite photographs.



Wedding-photographs-2-8 Wedding-photographs-2-7 Wedding-photographs-2-6 Wedding-photographs-2-5 Wedding-photographs-2-4 Wedding-photographs-2-3 Wedding-photographs-2-2 Wedding-photographs-2 Wedding-photographs-1-6 Wedding-photographs-1-5 Wedding-photographs-1-4 Wedding-photographs-1-3 Wedding-photographs-1-2 Wedding-photographs-1 Wedding-photographs-5-18 Wedding-photographs-5-17 Wedding-photographs-5-16 Wedding-photographs-5-15 Wedding-photographs-5-14 Wedding-photographs-5-13 Wedding-photographs-5-12 Wedding-photographs-5-11 Wedding-photographs-5-10 Wedding-photographs-5-9 Wedding-photographs-5-8 Wedding-photographs-5-7 Wedding-photographs-5-6 Wedding-photographs-5-5 Wedding-photographs-5-4 Wedding-photographs-5-2 Wedding-photographs-5 Wedding-photographs-4-5 Wedding-photographs-4-4 Wedding-photographs-4-3 Wedding-photographs-4 Wedding-photographs-3-13 Wedding-photographs-3-12 Wedding-photographs-3-11 Wedding-photographs-3-10 Wedding-photographs-3-9 Wedding-photographs-3-8 Wedding-photographs-3-7 Wedding-photographs-3-6 Wedding-photographs-3-2 Wedding-photographs-3 Wedding-photographs-2-11 Wedding-photographs-2-10 Wedding-photographs-2-9Wedding-photographs-3-3


Wedding-photographs-1 Wedding-photographs-1-2 Wedding-photographs-1-3 Wedding-photographs-1-4 Wedding-photographs-1-5 Wedding-photographs-1-6 Wedding-photographs-1-7 Wedding-photographs-1-8 Wedding-photographs-1-9 Wedding-photographs-1-10 Wedding-photographs-1-11 Wedding-photographs-1-12 Wedding-photographs-1-13 Wedding-photographs-1-14 Wedding-photographs-1-15 Wedding-photographs-2 Wedding-photographs-2-2 Wedding-photographs-2-4Wedding-photographs-2-7Wedding-photographs-2-6 Wedding-photographs-2-8 Wedding-photographs-2-9 Wedding-photographs-3 Wedding-photographs-3-2 Wedding-photographs-3-3 Wedding-photographs-3-4 Wedding-photographs-3-5 Wedding-photographs-2-5Wedding-photographs-3-6 Wedding-photographs-3-7 Wedding-photographs-3-8 Wedding-photographs-3-9 Wedding-photographs-3-10 Wedding-photographs-3-11 Wedding-photographs-3-12 Wedding-photographs-3-13Wedding-photographs-5-2 Wedding-photographs-4Wedding-photographs-2-3Wedding-photographs-5-13 Wedding-photographs-4-3 Wedding-photographs-4-4 Wedding-photographs-4-5 Wedding-photographs-4-6 Wedding-photographs-4-7 Wedding-photographs-4-8 Wedding-photographs-4-9 Wedding-photographs-4-10 Wedding-photographs-4-11 Wedding-photographs-5 Wedding-photographs-5-3 Wedding-photographs-5-12 Wedding-photographs-5-7 Wedding-photographs-5-8 Wedding-photographs-5-9 Wedding-photographs-5-10 Wedding-photographs-5-11 Wedding-photographs-5-14 Wedding-photographs-5-15 Wedding-photographs-5-16 Wedding-photographs-5-17 Wedding-photographs-5-18


Wedding-photographs-5-11 Wedding-photographs-5-10 Wedding-photographs-5-9 Wedding-photographs-5-8 Wedding-photographs-5-7 Wedding-photographs-5-6 Wedding-photographs-5-5 Wedding-photographs-5-4 Wedding-photographs-5-3 Wedding-photographs-5-2 Wedding-photographs-5 Wedding-photographs-4-12 Wedding-photographs-4-10 Wedding-photographs-4-8 Wedding-photographs-4-7 Wedding-photographs-4-5 Wedding-photographs-4-4Wedding-photographs-4-6Wedding-photographs-4-9 Wedding-photographs-4-3 Wedding-photographs-4-2 Wedding-photographs-4 Wedding-photographs-3-10 Wedding-photographs-3-9 Wedding-photographs-3-8 Wedding-photographs-3-7 Wedding-photographs-3-6 Wedding-photographs-3-5 Wedding-photographs-3-4 Wedding-photographs-3-3 Wedding-photographs-3-2 Wedding-photographs-3 Wedding-photographs-2-8 Wedding-photographs-2-7 Wedding-photographs-2-6Wedding-photographs-4-11 Wedding-photographs-2-5 Wedding-photographs-2-4 Wedding-photographs-2-3 Wedding-photographs-2-2 Wedding-photographs-2  Wedding-photographs-1-5 Wedding-photographs-1-4 Wedding-photographs-1-2Wedding-photographs-1-6 Wedding-photographs-1Wedding-photographs-1-3


Thank you to all of the couples who chose me in 2015 and I look forward to working with those of you who have chosen me in 2016!

If you like what you’ve seen, get in touch to discuss your wedding photography.

Happy New Year to you all!
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    Some pretty amazing images there Phil, looking forward to seeing what you produce for 2016!!

  2. Dan Ward danward.co.uk

    This is fab man, looks like you had one hell of a year! Like it alot 🙂

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    Lovely work. An amazing set of images. Both natural and posed.

  4. Sunita Sharma virasatsheeshmahal.com

    Thanks for Sharing such a wonderful marriage shoot . I like the article. Thanks for is…….

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