Well, 2015 was absolutely fantastic! I worked with some amazing couples, made some great friends and took some of my favourite photos!

Weddings everywhere!

This year saw me in London and the surrounding area quite a few times. It often surprises couples that wedding photographers work so far away from their home, but it’s quite common when you find a photographer who is just right for you to bring them to work in your area.

I mix fine art documentary, artistic details, classic portraiture, high quality lighting and an innate ability to flatter subjects.

From a photographers perspective, this is fantastic as you get the opportunity to see some new places. It’s a lot less important these days for photographers to be intimately aware of the venue, so choose your perfect photographer and bring them to you would be my advice!

(and by that, I mean choose me, right?)

What’s my style?

My work is a modern combination of styles. I mix fine art documentary, artistic details, classic portraiture, high quality lighting and an innate ability to flatter subjects. I teach other photographers in the fundamentals of photography since I believe these skills are essential for any photographer working in weddings.

So, on to the photographs. I’ve split these into Morning, Afternoon and Evening, just to give them a little structure. Otherwise, they’re just a mix of some of my favourite photographs.



Wedding-photographs-2-8 Wedding-photographs-2-7 Wedding-photographs-2-6 Wedding-photographs-2-5 Wedding-photographs-2-4 Wedding-photographs-2-3 Wedding-photographs-2-2 Wedding-photographs-2 Wedding-photographs-1-6 Wedding-photographs-1-5 Wedding-photographs-1-4 Wedding-photographs-1-3 Wedding-photographs-1-2 Wedding-photographs-1 Wedding-photographs-5-18 Wedding-photographs-5-17 Wedding-photographs-5-16 Wedding-photographs-5-15 Wedding-photographs-5-14 Wedding-photographs-5-13 Wedding-photographs-5-12 Wedding-photographs-5-11 Wedding-photographs-5-10 Wedding-photographs-5-9 Wedding-photographs-5-8 Wedding-photographs-5-7 Wedding-photographs-5-6 Wedding-photographs-5-5 Wedding-photographs-5-4 Wedding-photographs-5-2 Wedding-photographs-5 Wedding-photographs-4-5 Wedding-photographs-4-4 Wedding-photographs-4-3 Wedding-photographs-4 Wedding-photographs-3-13 Wedding-photographs-3-12 Wedding-photographs-3-11 Wedding-photographs-3-10 Wedding-photographs-3-9 Wedding-photographs-3-8 Wedding-photographs-3-7 Wedding-photographs-3-6 Wedding-photographs-3-2 Wedding-photographs-3 Wedding-photographs-2-11 Wedding-photographs-2-10 Wedding-photographs-2-9Wedding-photographs-3-3


Wedding-photographs-1 Wedding-photographs-1-2 Wedding-photographs-1-3 Wedding-photographs-1-4 Wedding-photographs-1-5 Wedding-photographs-1-6 Wedding-photographs-1-7 Wedding-photographs-1-8 Wedding-photographs-1-9 Wedding-photographs-1-10 Wedding-photographs-1-11 Wedding-photographs-1-12 Wedding-photographs-1-13 Wedding-photographs-1-14 Wedding-photographs-1-15 Wedding-photographs-2 Wedding-photographs-2-2 Wedding-photographs-2-4Wedding-photographs-2-7Wedding-photographs-2-6 Wedding-photographs-2-8 Wedding-photographs-2-9 Wedding-photographs-3 Wedding-photographs-3-2 Wedding-photographs-3-3 Wedding-photographs-3-4 Wedding-photographs-3-5 Wedding-photographs-2-5Wedding-photographs-3-6 Wedding-photographs-3-7 Wedding-photographs-3-8 Wedding-photographs-3-9 Wedding-photographs-3-10 Wedding-photographs-3-11 Wedding-photographs-3-12 Wedding-photographs-3-13Wedding-photographs-5-2 Wedding-photographs-4Wedding-photographs-2-3Wedding-photographs-5-13 Wedding-photographs-4-3 Wedding-photographs-4-4 Wedding-photographs-4-5 Wedding-photographs-4-6 Wedding-photographs-4-7 Wedding-photographs-4-8 Wedding-photographs-4-9 Wedding-photographs-4-10 Wedding-photographs-4-11 Wedding-photographs-5 Wedding-photographs-5-3 Wedding-photographs-5-12 Wedding-photographs-5-7 Wedding-photographs-5-8 Wedding-photographs-5-9 Wedding-photographs-5-10 Wedding-photographs-5-11 Wedding-photographs-5-14 Wedding-photographs-5-15 Wedding-photographs-5-16 Wedding-photographs-5-17 Wedding-photographs-5-18


Wedding-photographs-5-11 Wedding-photographs-5-10 Wedding-photographs-5-9 Wedding-photographs-5-8 Wedding-photographs-5-7 Wedding-photographs-5-6 Wedding-photographs-5-5 Wedding-photographs-5-4 Wedding-photographs-5-3 Wedding-photographs-5-2 Wedding-photographs-5 Wedding-photographs-4-12 Wedding-photographs-4-10 Wedding-photographs-4-8 Wedding-photographs-4-7 Wedding-photographs-4-5 Wedding-photographs-4-4Wedding-photographs-4-6Wedding-photographs-4-9 Wedding-photographs-4-3 Wedding-photographs-4-2 Wedding-photographs-4 Wedding-photographs-3-10 Wedding-photographs-3-9 Wedding-photographs-3-8 Wedding-photographs-3-7 Wedding-photographs-3-6 Wedding-photographs-3-5 Wedding-photographs-3-4 Wedding-photographs-3-3 Wedding-photographs-3-2 Wedding-photographs-3 Wedding-photographs-2-8 Wedding-photographs-2-7 Wedding-photographs-2-6Wedding-photographs-4-11 Wedding-photographs-2-5 Wedding-photographs-2-4 Wedding-photographs-2-3 Wedding-photographs-2-2 Wedding-photographs-2  Wedding-photographs-1-5 Wedding-photographs-1-4 Wedding-photographs-1-2Wedding-photographs-1-6 Wedding-photographs-1Wedding-photographs-1-3


Thank you to all of the couples who chose me in 2015 and I look forward to working with those of you who have chosen me in 2016!

If you like what you’ve seen, get in touch to discuss your wedding photography.

Happy New Year to you all!
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    Some pretty amazing images there Phil, looking forward to seeing what you produce for 2016!!

  2. Dan Ward danward.co.uk

    This is fab man, looks like you had one hell of a year! Like it alot 🙂

  3. Reply

    Lovely work. An amazing set of images. Both natural and posed.

  4. Sunita Sharma virasatsheeshmahal.com

    Thanks for Sharing such a wonderful marriage shoot . I like the article. Thanks for is…….

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Rabya and Alex were married at Mottram Hall in Cheshire on a typical autumn day. Rabya spent the morning at Mottram in the Bridal Suite preparing with her bridesmaids. The ceremony was full of emotion and fun and afterwards we took some beautiful, natural photographs of the two of them together.

In the evening they broke with tradition and the only speeches were from the bride and groom themselves and finally they let their hair down for their first dance.

They chose a vintage colour style of photography and you can see evidence of this in the warm, brown tones of the photographs below.

If you’d like to discuss your Mottram Hall wedding, please contact me.

mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0001 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0002 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0003 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0004 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0005 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0006mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0007 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0008 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0009 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0010 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0011 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0012 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0013 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0014 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0015 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0016 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0017 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0018 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0019 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0020 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0021 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0022 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0023 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0024 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0025 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0026 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0027 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0028 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0029 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0030 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0031 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0032 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0033 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0034 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0035 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0036 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0037 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0038 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0039 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0040 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0041 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0042 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0043 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0044 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0045 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0046 mottram-hall-wedding-photographs-0047

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It’s been an absolutely amazing year for my photography. I’ve photographed incredible weddings for fantastic couples and had masses of fun myself! But since it’s New Year I thought I’d spend a little time looking back at some of the highlights before making my way into the 2014.

If you’d like a chance to feature in my 2014 New Year gallery, get in touch!


January 2013 will always be memorable since it was my first proper snowy winter wedding. I was at Eaves Hall with Alexandra and Chris who were totally prepared for the weather… (in fact, Alexandra even had winter boots on… Shhh!)



Sadly I had no weddings in February (it’s often a quiet month), so on to March…


March was all about Quarry Bank Mill. I had visited as a child but not been back until I joined Spencer & Sarah there for a beautiful day at this very unique venue. While we were there they wanted to take a truly old style photograph and this was the result. They were great sports.


April was about Browsholme Hall and the wedding of Lucy & Colin, who became the first boating wedding couple I had photographed. It was some effort to get into the boat but the photographs were fantastic and it was totally worthwhile.0042_PD310327


So we finally had some good weather and I was lucky enough to join Lydia & Chris at Iscoyd Park for their wedding. As soon as I saw the venue I was struck by this particularly beautiful scene with the flowers and the stunning light. This wedding was recently chosen by Queensberry to be featured in their worldwide advertising.. and the prize of an album was donated to Lydia and Chris with my thanks.



For June I had to choose a beautiful destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Lucy and Rich were stunning by the landscape and they and their friends spent several days together in a villa. I look forward to returning to this area for more weddings in the future.



Natalie and Mark spent their day together at Rochdale Town Hall and Natalie has specifically asked for plenty of reportage photography. Of course, I was very happy to oblige and went to down on the moments which I found during their fantastic day together.



Sunshine again! In August I joined Katie & Michael at Nunesmere Hall for their special day. The day was incredibly good fun throughout, but the time spent together by the pier was magical and even Katies veil having a quick swim couldn’t dampen the mood (sorry…).



Jen is a fashion blogger and had contacted me about joining her and Rob for their vintage wedding at Monk Fryston Hall. I loved everything about their day and the amount of time they had spent on the details was nothing short of incredible. Vintage is a style which you may choose when you book me.



October was an incredibly busy month for me but the day I spent with Gary & Isobel at Peckforton Castle was such fun I had to include it. I had been wanting to take a couple into some beautiful woods for photographs for some time and Peckforton Castle is fortunate enough to have the perfect setting right on the doorstep.


It’s Bonfire night!! And fortunately I joined Heather and David for their beautiful wedding just before so there were plenty of sparklers available to take advantage of and produce this shot…I’m not telling you how I did it though!winter-wedding-sparkler-shot


Well… I was abroad for the whole of December on holiday, but I’ll share a quick shot from my final wedding of the year just before December. It was a very unique Cyberpunk themed wedding with Matt & Nicola at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. The ceremony venue was the most challenging I’ve ever photographed and required a complicated lighting setup to balance with the fairy lights, but I hope you love the result as much as I do.


A wildcard!

As I didn’t have anything to share in February I did want to include a photo or two from a styled wedding inspiration shoot which was included on Rock My Wedding back in August.


Thank you!

I’d like to say a final thank you to all of the couples and their friends and family who have helped to make 2013 an amazing year for my wedding photography. And now on to 2014…

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  1. Nasser Gazi nassergazi.com

    Really enjoyed this 2013 retrospective post. Beautiful pictures.

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