It’s often said that one of the key differences between contemporary photographers is the quality of their post production.

What is post-production?

Post-production is the the act of improving the photograph using the computer, after the image has been taken. Many people call it “Photoshopping”, although Lightroom, also made by Adobe, is the key tool used by wedding photographers.

Post-production is applied to the raw image, which is taken directly from the cameras sensor. That allows the capture of the maximum amount of information and provides the highest quality image.

What is included in my post-production?

As someone who has worked in the fashion and beauty industry, my post production is extremely effective, as demonstrated by the before and after images below. I spend much more time on this than other photographers since it can make such a massive difference to the final image.

Images appear natural and real when they’ve been finished and I don’t use any automatic plugins. There are no quick-fixes for quality photography post-production.

The techniques involved in finishing a photograph include:

  • Colour correction
  • Retention of highlights and shadows
  • Straightening
  • Using a bespoke vignette (darkening of area of the photograph) to focus the eye on the subject.
  • Skin editing as required

All colour production uses my own adjustments rather than the bought presets which are common in the wedding industry. In short, everything you see is unique to me.

Sample before and after images


The brides skin radiates with a healthy, warm glow, rather than the grey tones of the before image, and a few spots are removed.

A beautiful day is made more beautiful with a little work, and details such as the couple walking in the distance are picked out to add more story.

An incredible piece of wall art is produced by creating warm colours and removing the distracting background.

One of my most famous images followed fashion trends but the detail in the amazing dress is enhanced and distractions such as the bins and window to the left are removed.

An evening photograph of guests is turned into a beautiful artistic sunset


0001_VH6A3992A beautiful summer day made significantly more vibrant with a few improvements.