Frequently asked questions

  • Have a specific question?

    If you don't see the answer to your question here, contact me to ask it. No questions are stupid!
  • How long in advance do we need to book?

    I only do 10-15 weddings every year and I start to book up 18 months in advance. In the year of a wedding I'm usually booked up already. Realistically, if you'd like me to do your wedding, you should book as early as possible.
  • Can we come and see you?

    Yes, please do! I love to meet couples before booking, where possible, but at the very least we should talk on the phone or on Skype.
  • Where are you based?

    I'm based close to Warrington, in the North West of the UK and many of my weddings are relatively local. However, I work nationally and internationally and have recently been fortunate to photograph weddings in the Midlands, the South, Scotland, Wales and even Sicily.
  • Will I own the rights to all of the photos?

    You will be given a license to do anything you want with the photographs except to sell them (but I've never found anyone who wanted to sell their wedding photos yet). To be clear, you may print them, copy the disk for friends and family, upload them to facebook and so on. Anything except sell them. So you do not own the copyright, but there's virtually no restrictions.
  • What do you usually photograph on the day?

    Firstly, I'll spend a lot of the day looking for the moments that will give your wedding a unique character. Next, I'll spend some time (usually 15 to 30 minutes) photographing yourselves as a couple. Most couples still like to take some group photographs, normally around 6-8 of them. Finally I'll creatively photograph your wedding details. If there's anything specific you want, just ask!
  • How do we book?

    It's very simple. You fill in an online form, which takes about 5 minutes, and then pay the retainer. You may pay with credit / debit card, paypal or online bank transfer.
  • What happens on the run up to our wedding?

    After you've filled in the booking form and paid the retainer, your wedding date is firmly booked. No one else can take it. About a month before the wedding, another invoice is automatically created and sent to you. It also contains a request to fill in a more detailed form about your day - including the timings for your day and the any group or specific photographs you require.
  • You've not photographed before at our venue. Does that matter?

    Not in the slightest. Most of the weddings you see on my site are from venues I've never been to before. Once you have studied the principles of photography, it's almost an instant decision which is the right photograph to take. Plus, with the British weather, any previous plan might have to change in a moment anyway..
  • What work do you do on our photographs?

    Your photos receive as much attention after your wedding as they did on the day itself. I go through every photograph and choose the best photographs; every photo that is post-produced; delivered is properly colour balanced and brightened and darkened to make sure it's exactly how it should be and finally artistic changes will be made to ensure that the attention on the photograph is in just the right place. Then all of the files are produced and uploaded. This whole process takes longer than the photograph of the wedding itself!
  • Is there an option to receive all of the photos taken?

    I'm sorry, there isn't. I could never offer this option since I take many duplicates during the day, some photographs just don't quite work for one reason or another, people blink and so on. My goal is to provide you with quality, not quantity; if you would like all of the photographs taken on a day, I suspect I'm not the photographer for you.
  • I don't see a lot of group photographs; do you take them?

    Yes - I certainly do. In the run up to the wedding you provide me with a list of the group photographs that you would like me to photograph on your wedding day. I can help you plan the correct amount of time to allocate to this section.
  • What do you wear on our wedding day?

    I tend to wear smart trousers, a shirt and shoes. If you're particularly keen on me being very smart a full suit or Tux is possible, but it can get in the way of my photography a little since I stretch around regularly. I normally don't wear a tie since it has a tendency to get in the way of the lens.
  • Do you work with an assistant?

    Sometimes. I don't often bring a second photographer with me. Mostly it isn't necessary since I'm experienced enough to capture everything that's needed and quick enough to capture a lot of it. There are times when a second photographer is useful though, such as when you might want to capture the grooms preparation and the brides preparation.
  • Do you bring a set of backup equipment to every wedding?

    Of course! Every photographer should do this. I bring the following to every wedding: 2 camera bodies, 8 lenses, 3 flashes (and maybe one especially bright one if needed), spare batteries, enough memory cards to photograph two whole weddings and plenty of other stuff besides. There should never be a problem with me continuing on with your wedding.
  • Do you backup my photos?

    Yes. At home I keep one of the memory cards until I've delivered your photos. Plus my computer has a "raid backup system", meaning everything is written to two hard disks.
  • Can I print the photos in high resolution

    Yes, you can and must! Please don't let the photos just sit there forever. The files are prepared for high resolution printing, such as onto canvases or large prints.
  • Can I upload the photos to Facebook / Twitter / G+?

    Yes, you are welcome to!
  • Are you insured?

    Yes, every professional photographer should be. I have Professional Indemnity and Personal Liability insurance for myself and any assistant I bring.
  • Do the photographs contain a watermark?

    No, they don't.