Natural wedding photography

The single word describes my wedding photography best is natural. I hear it time and time again when people talk about my photography and my approach defines the natural results which I achieve.

What is natural wedding photography?

It’s a good question. I think there is a confusion with the term natural where people assume that the photographer stands back and allows what is happening to happen and for a large part of the day that would be totally true.

However, I achieve my most natural results by giving people permission to be themselves. That’s the key difference between my photography and other photographers who might have a totally documentary approach.

How do I do this? I get involved. A lot. 

I’ve realised over the years that photographers who stand back from the action are treated with suspicion and people never quite relax around them. I act like a guest with a camera throughout the day and this helps me to be ignored (in a nice way 🙂 ).

I’m also a fun guy to be around. I crack (appropriate) jokes. I tell stories of my travels. I love to hear about other people and what they enjoy. All of these things humanise me and people find they are natural around me and are willing to just let go and be themselves.

Natural results

What matters most to me is that your results are natural, real and that it is clear you enjoyed them. Just this weekend I worked with a couple where the groom was expected to not enjoy having couple photos taken, but the father of the bride and the bride herself both told me later that he had enjoyed the experience.

That’s what works so well with my approach; if people are enjoying themselves and if they feel relaxed the results will look natural.

Some photographers will say that you can’t tell their photos were posed. I’m really sorry to say this, but most posed photographers are blind to the small give-away signs that people feel uncomfortable.

Choosing natural wedding photography from me will result in a day you enjoy and results which are free from the signs that yourselves and guests are uncomfortable.

If this is how you want to remember your day, please get in touch.

Samples of natural wedding photographs

wedding-photography-in-field-relaxedchurch-tears couple-photograph-window-relaxed guest-taking-photographnatural-wedding-photography natural-bridal-makeup natural-bridal-photographnatural-wedding-photography-couple-kiss
natural-dads-talking natural-destination-wedding-photograpy natural-documentary-wedding-photograph natural-photograph-bridesmaidnatural-bridal-preparation natural-playing-at-wedding natural-relaxed-wedding-photograph natural-selfie-at-wedding natural-speeches-at-wedding natural-wedding-photograph-granddad natural-wedding-photograph-hug natural-wedding-photograph-in-woods