Same sex wedding photography

Something amazing happened recently… marriages and civil ceremonies between people of the same sex was finally allowed in the UK!

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to be present at three very different weddings, including the most tear-filled ceremony I’ve  experienced.

But after the tears have settled and you’re husband & husband or wife & wife, the fun always commences and your friends and family can enjoy time with you on the most special day of your lives.

Have fun!

I love to have fun on your wedding day too and will laugh with you and your guests because the happiness always shines through in the photographs I take. When you look back on your day you will see honest smiles, the occasional tear, real personalities and a perfect finish… that’s what I specialise in.

So, whether you are having a gay marriage, lesbian marriage or civil partnership ceremony, the chance to tell your story is would be a fantastic pleasure. I am available throughout the UK but am based to Manchester (specifically Warrington in Cheshire). If you think I might be right for you, contact me and we can chat about what your day will be.


Take a look through some photographs

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