Do you and your partner have wanderlust in your hearts and yearn for the magnificence and beauty of far flung lands to take your vows?

Are you searching for a professional destination wedding photographer who will travel internationally, rather than entrusting your most precious memories to a local photographer?

My approach

I’m a national award winning photographer who thrives on capturing contemporary and artistic lifestyle images of unique and beautiful weddings. My style is best described as a mixture of fine art and reportage (or photojournalism) which I use to document the joy you experience while you’re abroad.

My tools aren’t just a camera and lenses; they are natural creativity and symbolic imagination; they are quirky composition and unique perspective; they are instinctive moments and story communication.

My photographs comprise real laughter, natural personality, immense passion and honest love; these are identical whether you’re in London, Asia, Europe, The Americas or anywhere else you choose to travel. The beauty of the vistas or beach surrounding you will be an important part of the photography too, as will your chosen wedding details, whether luxury or vintage in style.

And when the wedding has finished and you’re back home, you can complete the destination wedding experience with a beautiful Queensberry album, should you wish too.

Where on earth…?

I travel worldwide, but here are a few of the more popular destination wedding locations; London, Paris, Italy (such as Lake Como, Tuscany, Rome or Florence), Greek Islands (such as Santoini, Kos), Cyprus, the Sicilian Isles, the Caribbean (such as Antigua, Cuba, Bahamas or St Lucia), Mexico, the Maldives and Mauritius.

Important stuff

I’m fully insured and have traveled extensively throughout the world. I’m used to driving on the other side of the road should that be necessary.


Destination wedding photos from Santorini

Take a look through the wedding of Lee and Carla in Santorini, Greece.

santorini-gem-wedding-photography-2 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-8 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-9 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-13 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-16 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-20 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-22 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-24 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-26 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-28 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-33 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-31 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-36 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-37 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-38 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-40 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-47 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-45 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-44 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-42 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-49 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-50 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-51 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-52 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-53 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-55 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-57 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-58 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-60 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-61 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-64 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-63 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-67 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-66 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-70 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-72 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-73 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-75 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-77 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-78 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-80 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-81 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-82 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-84 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-85 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-88 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-89 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-91 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-94 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-95 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-96 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-97 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-99 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-100 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-101 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-103 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-104 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-105 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-107 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-108 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-109 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-110 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-112 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-114 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-115 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-118 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-120 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-121 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-122 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-123 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-124 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-126 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-129 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-132 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-133 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-134 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-135 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-140 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-141 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-142 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-145 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-146 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-148 santorini-gem-wedding-photography-149

"Oh my god they are amazing! We are speechless. Thank you!! Everyone looks so happy and the story is told so so well. There are so many I want printing as they are all so gorgeous! We are honestly over the moon. We knew they would be good but oh my, amazing. You are just perfection! Some of the feedback from the shots so far. 'Carla I have goosebumps, the emotions and happiness comes through makes me feel like I was there.' ... 'Sitting here at my desk sobbing, best photos ever, you must be so proud' ... 'You could not have chosen a better photographer - they are priceless'" - Carla & Lee, Santorini.

Destination wedding photos from Sicily

Take a look through the wedding of Simon and Sophie in Taormina, Sicily.

Sicily bay Vivienne Westwood wedding shoes Wedding dress - destination wedding Sicily bridalSicily-0006_PD315973Exchanging rings destination wedding Sicily-0009_PD316182 Sicily-0010_PD316280The wedding veil Sicily-0012_PD316750 Newly weds walking through the streets of Taormina to shouts of "Auguri" 0001_PD317051Mount etna vista destination wedding Sicily-0018_PD317242 Beautiful sunshine sicily destination wedding Sicily-0020_PD317498-Edit Sicilian canapes Sicily-0022_PD317594 Sicily-0023_PD317706 Tearful wedding speeches in Sicily Sicily-0025_PD318268 Wedding rings

"We are so pleased that we chose to take Phil to Taormina with us and didn't opt to use the local wedding photographer, whose pictures were very cheesy and posed. Phil was great - he was easy going, flexible with our requests, open to our opinions and those of our families, got on really well with our guests and had a real eye for what would make the most stunning photos. His reportage style of photography is exactly what we were after and he also does amazing things with the available light!" - Sophie & Simon, Sicily.

Destination wedding photos from Italy

Take a look through the wedding of Lucy & Rich in Tuscany, Italy.

Fine art landscape Tuscany, Italy Wedding dress in Tuscany Groom having a beer Bridal preparation destination wedding Tuscany-0005_PD310577 Bride tuscany Tuscany-0007_PD310646 Bride and bridesmaids, destination wedding Destination wedding ceremony Tuscany-0010_PD311339 Professional wedding portraits destination wedding Bride & groom in tuscany Tuscany-0013_PD311666 Wedding speeches in italy Tuscany-0015_PD311878 Destination wedding party

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wedding photos. They arrived today. We are so happy with the photos and felt you really captured the day and night just as it was. All our family and friends have commented on how great they are. We will definitely recommend you to friends." - Lucy & Rich, Tuscany.

Destination photography – from £2250

Your destination collection includes:

  • A pre-wedding discussion of your day, often on Skype or Google Hangout.
  • Travel and accommodation to your destination.
  • Coverage of your whole wedding day from bridal preparation to the party after the first dance.
  • Delivery of your high resolution images using an online image gallery system.

Prices and packages

Prices for destination weddings are based on so many elements, it’s not possible to give an accurate quote. However, I’m often able to be flexible within a couples budget to allow for inclusion of a photographer from the UK to be more competitive, especially considering the difference in quality of work compared with many photographers abroad.

I am also available to photograph other events, such as parties, while I am there with yourselves and your guests.


Destination wedding tips

If you’d like some general tips about organising a wedding abroad, and there’s so much to think about you really should, take a look at my destination wedding tips page.