Thank you for your interest in my wedding photography.
I offer two main options; digital files only or digital files plus a wedding album. In order to find out more about my pricing, please get in touch to receive a quote.


Digital files only

For the couple who are keen on the very best quality photos, I offer a Digital Files Only collection.

This includes a full day of wedding photography with 400+ high resolution files available online for download. All photos are uniquely produced in both bold colour and chic black & white.


Digital files + album

If you are looking for the very best of both worlds, I offer a Digital Files plus Album collection.

This includes everything in the Digital Files Only collection plus a bespoke Queensberry wedding album of your specification and an extra 50 photo files, as an extra little bonus for you.

Receive a quote

My photography collections start from £1995 for a full day of photography including 400+ individually edited high resolution files in both colour and black & white.

After looking around, if it sounds like I’ve ticked all of your initial boxes, contact me for a chat about your day. No doubt you’d like to know more about me and I’d love to hear more about you and your wedding plans!

I photograph a maximum of 15 weddings a year, so please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What’s my approach to weddings?

I’m a photographer with a sense of humour and who loves to have fun, as my testimonials show, and I will laugh with you and your guests for the entire day!

Fun aside, my photography goal is always to capture personality, happiness and love… because that’s what weddings consist of.


After all of these years, I still get a buzz from capturing a moment which you’ll adore, whether it’s of your guests, or the two of you. Much of my day will be spent finding these, but relaxed group photos and wedding details are important and included too.

What else do you need to know?


I’m involved in more than just your actual wedding day. Beforehand, I’m available to help you plan your wedding day (I’ve been to a few, you see..) and will help you make sure the timings are perfect. Afterwards I spend many days perfecting every colour and black & white photo.

I go to many great lengths to make sure your professional wedding photographs are just what you hoped for!

I’m fully insured, take a full set of backup equipment to your wedding and copy your wedding photographs onto multiple disks to reduce the risk of loss. They’ve never been needed, but important to have.

Destination weddings

If you’ve chosen to be married abroad, your destination wedding photography can cover several days and include travel and accommodation.

Please contact me with details of your event to receive a quote which matches the specific needs of your sunny wedding!


Engagement photography


Engagement shoots are a great way to capture beautiful photographs of the two of you before the day and to more become confident in front of the camera. While my natural style is easy to follow for everyone on the wedding day, it’ll be nice to spend some time together if you choose this.