Reportage & documentary wedding photography

Weddings deserve to be relaxed; it’s for that reason that I choose to work in a fine-art documentary fashion for the majority of your wedding day.

No fake smile and no awkward moments

We’ve all been to weddings where the photographer has spent too much time directing guests resulting in fake smiles and, while some tweaks here and there will help, fundamentally you will love your images if you feel they are “you”. If I change you too much, you will no longer be the unique individuals who chose to marry.

Throughout the day I will be discrete, unobtrusive and sympathetic, but not invisible; guests relax more around photographers who they feel are people. For that reason I will chat and laugh while blending in. You will soon forget I’m a photographer and I will seem more like a guest.

Representing your day

Documentary wedding photography is honest, atmospheric, natural and is a rich pictorial representation of your wedding. Formal photographs make way for real emotions and real moments. Viewers should feel like they were at your wedding and they should understand who you are. That’s the story of your wedding.

Also known as reportage wedding photography, your photojournalistic photographs will exude an elegant, artistic and timeless atmosphere. True passion will be captured with every candid tear, knowing smile and thoughtful gesture. My tools are more than just a camera and lens; creative use of light, colour, contrast and composition are used to capture the beauty of an observed moment. These skills define my work and resulted in my national award, photographer of the year.

What next?

After the wedding, your high resolution files are yours to keep. The story of your day will be effortless represented through a series of beautiful photographs with pages expressing the joy and happiness which encircles every wedding.

Whether you are being married close to me in Cheshire or Manchester, further away in London or internationally with a destination wedding, my informal approach will help you to enjoy your wedding.


A few reportage samples

Take a look through some of my documentary photography. If you are interested in this style, please get in touch.

Bride dances with fatherBridal preparation Beautiful moment between father and groom photographed in documentary style Reportage bride playing with nephew Wedding guests uses camper van as mirror

Bride sees bridesmaids for the first time - reportage styleTrue emotion at a weddingPensive first steps towards the churchTrue personality coming out at wedding - candid momentReportage wedding speechesFun and real documentary wedding photographyPhotojournalistic approach to bridal preparationReal fun at asian wedding while dancingDocumentary wedding photography as bride walks down stairsReportage wedding photography as child plays with bubblesCandid photojournalistic moment between wedding couple

Mother of the bride captured in ceremony documentary style