Francesca & Kevin

When planning a wedding, it’s very hard to know which suppliers are the right ones, and very often you find yourself being led down the garden path with promises.

The best way to know is from recommendations. When looking for our wedding photographer, I found it difficult to find one whos style I though suited me and who was the person who would be carrying out one of the most important tasks on our wedding day. I contacted the girls at Pomp & Ceremony wedding planning, who referred me to Phil. After looking at his site, and most importantly, all the full weddings he had on his site, I contacted him. Within half an hour he had called (and this was at about 9pm!) which instantly made me warm to him!

We discussed a few packages, he sent me plenty of info and wasn’t pushy at all, which made me feel very comfortable.

In the lead up to the wedding, Phil was constantly in touch, I never had to chase him, and I felt very comfortable sending him images and ideas of things I wanted on the day (which he remembered and did all of!)

The night before the wedding, Phil came to our rehersal, as we hadn’t been able to meet up, which was incredibly kind of him as it was very much out of his way, and scoped out the venue, which I thought was brilliant.

On the day itself, he was fantastic, I barely noticed him, and he did everything without being intrusive, or being asked, but he made sure he kept us updated with what he was doing, for example, if he was going outside to photograph the marquee, so that we knew where he was. He was great at putting us at ease for our couples photos, and I know that he was constantly on the lookout for a great shot.

At one point, he made sure he took me and my husband outside for a style of shot i’d specifically asked for, involving the light, which he had obviously been keeping his eyes open for!

When we received the pictures I was over the moon, there were far more than he had told me there would be, and not one dud amongst them! He captured so many beautiful moments, our personalties, and those of all of our friends and family.

The pictures themselves are technically perfect, but they also capture great moments, funny, tender, and real. You get a real sense of our wedding day and personalities from the shots. I am so over the moon with Phils work, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He was a great help before the wedding, and even afterwards, he still had wonderful advice and kind words when I had some problems (totally unrelated to the photography). I would not expect a photographer to have done as much as Phil did, and I am so very very happy.

Thank you Phil.

Francesca & Kevin

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